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PILATES ALLIANCE was established in 2011 having the purpose of creating a “Pilates organisation and community” in the Swiss, French and Belgian territory in order to gather French speaking instructors.

Our vision is to unify and harmonize the Pilates industry while developing the Pilates methodology and preserving the legacy that Joseph H. Pilates has left us thanks to his exceptional life course. Moreover, PILATES ALLIANCE represents a quality label as well, for all the people in need of advice to start or continuing quality Pilates courses with trustworthy instructors.

Sharing and exchanging knowledge and know-how are, to date, the primary motivations of our association. By means of our internet website we wish to actively contribute to the future development of the methodology by providing precise information and tools, allowing all the professionals in the field to improve and surpass themselves in the Pilates methodology.

“Discover your potential at a full level” thanks to PILATES ALLIANCE and obtain help and sustaining to succeed because together we will always be more powerful than all alone.