Joseph Pilates created his system, Contrology, and his exercises based on the knowledge that was available to him during his lifetime.

He combined science with his own experiences and observations to create the system we have today. He passed that knowledge on to the next generation, the Elders, and they all added their own experiences and observations to Joe’s work as it was taught to them.

Some of them added the science of their time and some were influenced by other movement modalities.

We, Ton and Michael, were lucky enough to have been able to experience many of the Elders knowledge and experiences first hand.

Today we have more access to science compared to what Joseph Pilates and the Elders had access to. The internet puts it all at our fingertips. What we know in regard to anatomy and how the body moves has evolved over the years.

Therefore it is important that we incorporate this new knowledge into the Pilates experience of today.

In this workshop with Michael and Ton you will explore and experience how to incorporate the knowledge we have today into the Classical and Archival Reformer exercises.

Can we make them safer? Can we make them more accessible? Can we make them more effective? Can we teach them more efficiently? We know we can... and by the end of this weekend so will you!