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Sarita and Blossom

two “Pilates Sisters” share the spectrum
of their teacher Kathy Grant

Online Ongoing Education with Blossom Leilani Crawford & Sarita Allen
Hosted by


Iva Mazzoleni


Marcelo Benites


Gabriela Gabrowska

Full Event

Friday December 4 - Saturday December 5, 2020
10:00AM EDT - 1:00PM EDT or 4:00PM CET - 7:00PM CET

$90.- Live / $120.- Live and Replay

We are pleased and excited to bring you the first collaboration between “Pilates Sisters”: the legacy of Kathleen Stanford Grant across two distinct eras of her creative teaching life from two distinctly different teachers. With this unique opportunity you will learn from two gifted students, mentees and disciples who embody the rich spectrum of Kathleen Stanford Grant's gift and practice as it evolved over the span of nearly 5 decades.

Over 6 Hours together we will:

  • Experience Kathy Grant’s innovative imagery and movement through storytelling.
  • Use Kathy Grant’s work to deepen your understanding and experience of Mr. Pilates’ choreography.
  • Apply the knowledge you’ve gained in ankle weight work, the Magic Circle and the Wunda Chair.

The workshops will be different yet complement each other. Two days, Three hours each day.

Day 1

Friday, December 4, 2020
10:00AM EDT - 1:00PM EDT or 4:00PM CET - 7:00PM CET


Ankle weight work, more than just fitness!

Learn signature Kathy Grant fundamentals and rehabilitation movements from two teachers and two different eras of Kathy’s work. In these workshops you will learn how to use the ankle weights in a versatile way. Then you’ll take the enhanced feeling created from the use of ankle weights and incorporate it into deeper understanding of traditional Pilates repertoire.

Day 2

Saturday, December 5, 2020
10:00AM EDT - 1:00PM EDT or 4:00PM CET - 7:00PM CET


Magic Circle and Wunda Chair

In this workshop we will share movement vocabulary from Kathy Grant related to the Magic Circle and the Wunda Chair, as Interpreted by two different teachers. The workshop will highlight the through line of imagery, choreography and stories connecting Sarita and Blossom to Kathy’s approach to the Magic Circle and Wunda Chair.


For who:

Pilates Instructors, clients and anyone who is interested in a deeper understanding of the method.


  • Outline for each session
  • Replay availability

    Webinar Zoom Connection:

    The session will be held on a private secured Zoom Meeting and you will receive the links for each session that you have enrolled for as soon as your registration has been approved through

    Replay Options & Missed Sessions

    To benefit from our Replay option you must have registered to the LIVE & REPLAY Package. That way, in the event of you not being able to attend the webinar live, you will be given a private link to the recording of the webinar, granting you access to its unlimited Replay for 30 days. For further information contact Iva Mazzoleni on


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