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The World is facing times that none of us would have ever imagined few months ago. Difficult times with many changes that lay ahead of us all, learning how to deal with ourselves and our lives differently.

During these difficult times Pilates Alliance has chosen to not be afraid of changes, as we strongly believe they will lead us to a new beginning. A beginning where people will understand again that not only is health a normal condition, but that it is our duty to not only attain it but to maintain it.

Joseph Pilates faced a pandemic time himself in 1914 with the Spanish flue on the Isle of Man where he was interned for over 4years. Joseph Pilates had referred to this particular time of his life “as the most precious years of his life” as it was during this precise time of physical confinement that Joseph Pilates was able to created and develop his method despite the harsh conditions, he was facing being interned. He created an exercise-based method that can help everybody become the architect of their own happiness maintaining physical, mental and emotional health. Joseph Pilates strongly believed that if the whole country, the whole world, would be doing his exercises, the world would be a better place and we would all be happier.

Therefore, Pilates Alliance wishes to proactively contribute to the world changing into a healthier and happier place, offering professional online Pilates learning experiences from the comfort of your own home. Our learning experiences are open to anybody that wishes to deepen their understanding and their practice of the Pilates work so that the whole world can benefit from Joe's method and all its benefits for greater health.


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