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with Mary Bowen

Come to our most fabulous virtual workshop we have planned for you as it’s all going to be about the magical YOU… growing and changing!

Personal and professional growth comes with work. But not any type of work helps you grow.

Diving deep into yourself, working with your unconscious and your problems, is where we all grow the most from. Understanding the importance of the psyche and your typology is a major part of anybody’s transformation, living in a world where we don’t even find time to breath anymore.

Be inspired by a journey of transformation and learning with Mary Bowen, Jungian analyst and most senior Pilates Elder still teaching at 93 with over 68 years of teaching experience, taking you into a discovering journey all about the individual in you, bringing the best out of you and your teaching.

What if we told you that your worst problem and biggest difficulty with anything in life… like with work, or with family and friends, or with your partner, and/or with yourself is your greatest gift to you and to the world?

Are you aware that what we struggle with the most is our greatest teacher?

Let this online interactive experience guide you and don’t be afraid of your biggest difficulties. Find out more about YOU and discover that the best Pilates work with your body involves the understanding of all the rest of our psyches as well.

Get to know about how practical, useful, and helpful Mary’s dual approach of Pilates Plus Psyche is and can be in your life as a Pilates teacher or a client... or in any other part of your life.

Come join this unique interactive and lively online experience of four virtual live mentoring sessions, March 12, 19, 26 and April 2nd, 2023 from 10:00AM-12:30AM EDT (16:00-18:30h CET).

What we will cover in 4 sessions:

  • The psyche – understanding the conscious and the unconscious
  • Learn about your typology – being a thinker, feeler, intuitive or sensate living life as an extravert or introvert.
  • Your client- understanding your client’s typology
  • How to become a better teacher from learning and addressing typology
  • What is the journey into your unconscious
  • Creating A NEW possibility – growing into a Whole Person
  • Are you taking time to breath?
  • The best breath – your YAWN

This virtual workshop experience is not about Mary Bowen giving you a course of lectures on psychology but a direct interaction with Mary not only sharing her life time experience teaching client’s but also being a natural entertainer, never leaving any time for a dull moment, having been an amazing mentor to so many teachers and clients, to inspire you to grow.

Don’t choose to not bother with your own growth… choose to show up and take on the inner work signing up now as spaces will be limited and we hope your life will change… and we trust it will!

Mary Bowen hopes you will choose to join us…


Join Full Workshop

$ 880.-
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Session 1
Applying the Psyche and our Typology

Have you ever wondered how our mind functions? How much do you know about the typological structure of each human psyche? And do you understand your own and your family’s typology?

In this first session, Mary introduces you to the subject and description of Typology based on Carl Gustav Jung’s life work as a renowned psychiatrist plus 53 years of her own Jungian based practice and 28 years now of combining her Jungian work with her Pilates teaching which she calls Pilates Plus Psyche. Mary will teach you how to determine your own and your clients typology for deeper understanding of each other and of ways to teach Pilates. Why, you might ask, is it important to the teaching of Pilates what type you or your client is?

Because it is more than a body that you are and that your client is. A whole psyche comes in to be taught and to teach. Inviting and allowing creative change to happen requires deep patience for your own and anyone else’s personal journey.

To achieve transformation, in the teacher or the client, one’s typology needs to be known, faced and worked with. From the four ways (Jung called them functions) that we experience life and learn in each moment of life ”thinking” and its opposite “feeling,” “intuition” and its opposite “sensation”…you will learn to understand that the most difficult functions for each one of us to bear are our best teachers.

Mary will teach you how to access the much larger part of yourself, laying in the unconscious mind of yours, for more spirit and creativity to continually unlock, helping you be born into an “original” and a “whole” person. This first session is going to be a solid part of the launching pad to YOURSELF going deeply into a magical journey.

Session 2
Applying Typology to Pilates in a Practical Way

The ‘Second Session’ of Mary Bowen’s gift to us is based upon how you apply in a practical sense your own personal typology to learning and working with your client’s typology. You will see how working with the typological structure of each client can improve and deepen yourself. It will make you a better teacher with a true understanding of what your client will have natural difficulties with and what he or she will have ease with… enlarging the experience of this special ‘Pilates journey’ the two of you are sharing in creating change for the better.

Being able to apply Carl Jung’s concepts of typology will help you to stay personal with all your clients, so that you as a Pilates teacher can better help your client to partner the body with the other three functions of his or her personal psyche.

Joseph Pilates asked that we use the “whole body” in every movement. Adding as well the ‘four’ functions of the psyche to using the “whole body” in every movement adds to Joe’s adage by addressing the “whole person” in the learning, practicing and teaching of Pilates.

Session 3
Understanding you Most Difficult Client and Become a Better Teacher

This third session of much participation and interaction is all about helping you feel free.

From our first two sessions you have been able to realize how influential our particular psyches are. We learned about how present our typology is in our lives and work. We became aware of our conscious functions, the evident “us”… while at the same time how more buried our unconscious functions are,…the less evident… the less developed “us,” the area of our worst problems and yet our deepest promise.

In this third session Mary eagerly invites those of you attending to share with her and the group current or past difficulties with certain clients that she could help you better understand with the attention and input of all participants present.

Be assured that Mary will approach, foremost from her heart, those of you who share your stories and any clients mentioned. No one of us is perfect. We are all human beings and most of us steadily need to find deeper wells of kindness towards ourselves and each other. Who has the better body, which ones are the smarter or the richer, who has the most clients and may think his or her Pilates is the best…on and on…is not the point! We are all doing the best we can in a life-time journey of growing more into ourselves and as teachers helping others to do the same. Joseph Pilates gave us a useful, safe, challenging method for addressing and integrating the whole body. We are lucky we found it to practice and to teach from, each in our own way, hopefully in a creative spirit for the best insurance that Pilates will continually survive…

In this session you will be feeling free to speak of yourself only or of someone in your life in regard to any puzzlement. Mary Bowen will encourage the group to free-flow and welcome you to speak up and be heard.

Session 4
Are you Taking Time to Breathe?

In our modern culture we are moving way too fast for breath. Breath is vital to every human and yet people can live their entire lives without taking on proper breathing. In this fourth and final session we will share our personal experiences and dig into the difference our typology makes to how we breathe. The best whole-body breath is the YAWN. We don’t make a yawn happen. We let and encourage it to happen. It is our body, the sensate animal part of us that yawns. We have been told from childhood not to yawn, that it’s rude to yawn. How helpful was that? Good that we will be on-line together. It’s safe to yawn to your heart’s delight in your own home. Start it now. It can open your whole body, release you from too much thinking, reduce tensions throughout your body and give you a fresh start, each time you yawn. HOW TO FEEL BETTER!

Hosted by

Iva Mazzoleni

Host & Webinar Assistant


Marcelo Benites

Webinar Administrator


Gabriela Gabrowska

Webinar & Event Coordinator


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