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Armchair & Ped-o-Pull Workshop & Webinar

Connecting the Arm Chair, the Ped-Pull and
the standing work outside of the Cadillac

With Ton Voogt, Michael Fritzke & Iva Mazzoleni


Joseph Pilates understood that our bodies learn through experience. We learn by doing.

But not just doing the same movement in the same way, in the same situation or on the same apparatus. We learn by doing the same movement pattern in a variety of situations on a variety of apparatuses.

This is how Joseph set up his entire system.

In this weekend we will look at how the exercises on the Arm Chair, Ped-o-Pull and the standing exercises outside of the Cadillac can create this kind of a learning experience:

  • How are they interlaced and connected.
  • What do we learn from doing the same movement pattern on the Arm Chair, Ped-o-Pull and the Cadillac?
  • Why do you use that specific piece of apparatus?

Besides comparing, each apparatus has specific features that no other piece has. Joseph Pilates design each piece of his apparatus for very specific reasons and needs.

Therefore, we will also explore specific exercises on these apparatus that are unique to that piece and what faculties they develop in your body.

Don’t miss this first workshop of its kind developing your skill further on the Baby Arm Chair, the Ped-o-Pull and the standing work outside the Cadillac.

Join us on site in a small group environment or online from the comfort of your own home, for two days of learning, diving deeper into feeling your INNER LIFT with work that has gone forgotten but not anymore !!!

Price Onsite
CHF 925.-
On-site + lifetime replay
Price Online
CHF 275.-
On-line + 30 days replay

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