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Jean Claude Nelson - webinar

Use Your Head

Webinar for the Pilates Alliance Education Online
Hosted by


Iva Mazzoleni


Marcelo Benites


Gabriela Gabrowska

Full Event

Sunday March 28, 2021
7:30AM - 10:30AM EDT (US) or 1:30 - 4:30PM CET (EU)

$75.- live & $90.- live & replay

This 3 hour Webinar is devoted to understanding the importance of proper head and shoulder alignment and specifically on strenghtening to improve the posture and reduce unnecessary stress and strain on muscles, ligaments and joints. Clients and teachers tend too often to scare away from working the „fragile neck“.

We will address this topic on various apparatus using our head wisely to gain back confidence in full range motions.

For who:

Pilates Instructors, clients and anyone who is interested in a deeper understanding of the method.

Webinar Zoom Connection:

The session will be held on a private secured Zoom Meeting and you will receive the links for the session that you have enrolled for as soon as your registration has been approved through

Missed Sessions

In the event of you needing to cancel sessions you have registered to, you will be able to review all missed sessions. After cancelling the event, you will receive a secured link to its recording. Please be aware that any missed session can only be reviewed once at a given time within 24h or for the replay time in case you have purchased the live & replay option.


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